For over twenty-five years, I’ve worked in the field of education in different capacities: teacher, researcher, classroom presenter, curriculum developer, and education publishing editor. I received my MA in International Education and am certified to teach English as a foreign language from University of Arizona’s Center for English as a Foreign Language. Throughout these various roles, one constant has been a search for engaging books and resources for students. Writing fiction and non-fiction books for students is a passion of mine. In the over fifty books I’ve published or are pending publication, I work to bring each subject alive, whether it’s a butterfly’s life cycle or a troll ravaging a department store.

I’m interested in traditionally printed books as well as emerging storytelling avenues. The Earth Day Carol app was written while developing a new recycling education program and wanting to find a way to explore the topic of reduce, reuse, recycle in a fun way. With over 100,000 downloads in the US app store, Earth Day Carol has been enthusiastically embraced by Best Apps for Kids, Techwithkids, Green Teacher magazine, and USA

I love using storytelling, photography, and writing as a tool for self -exploration and investigation of environmental issues. I’ve designed workshops and programs about creative writing, reading, digital storytelling, memoir, revision, poetry, and myths/fables. I’m also happy to develop presentations and workshops for specific needs.

From April to June 2015 I was the artist in residence at the Bridge Guard Residency in Štúrovo, Slovakia. This is a unique residency where artists help connect people through their work and “guard” the Mária Valéria bridge between Štúrovo (Slovakia) and Esztergom (Hungary). I created a project about what we remember about the Danbue River and what the river would remember about us. I’m developing the next phase of this project Bridges of the Danube: A Living Map Community Project and am looking to collaborate with people interested in setting up water testing and art workshops at multiple bridges along the Danube.

During the 2015-16 school year I was a Norway Roving Scholar working with teachers and students at Teacher Training Colleges and high schools across Norway. Here’s a group poem I created with students called You Bring Out the Norwegian in Me:

I love creating educational programs/art projects, children’s books, travel writing and photography/video. Please send me an email if you want to discuss working on a project together at torran (dot) ian (dot) Anderson (at) gmail (dot) com and connect with me on social media.