For over twenty-five years, I’ve worked in the field of education in different capacities: teacher, researcher, classroom presenter, curriculum developer, and education publishing editor. I received my MA in International Education and am certified to teach English as a foreign language from University of Arizona’s Center for English as a Foreign Language. Throughout these various roles, one constant has been a search for engaging books and resources for students. Writing fiction and non-fiction books for students is a passion of mine. In the over fifty books I’ve published or are pending publication, I work to bring each subject alive, whether it’s a butterfly’s life cycle or a troll ravaging a department store.

I’m interested in traditionally printed books as well as emerging storytelling avenues. The Earth Day Carol app was written while developing a new recycling education program and wanting to find a way to explore the topic of reduce, reuse, recycle in a fun way. With over 100,000 downloads in the US app store, Earth Day Carol has been enthusiastically embraced by Best Apps for Kids, Techwithkids, Green Teacher magazine, and USA

I love using storytelling, photography, and writing as a tool for self -exploration and investigation of environmental issues. I’ve designed workshops and programs about creative writing, reading, digital storytelling, memoir, revision, poetry, and myths/fables. I’m also happy to develop presentations and workshops for specific needs.

From April to June 2015 I was the artist in residence at the Bridge Guard Residency in Štúrovo, Slovakia. This is a unique residency where artists help connect people through their work and “guard” the Mária Valéria bridge between Štúrovo (Slovakia) and Esztergom (Hungary). I created a project about what we remember about the Danbue River and what the river would remember about us. I’m developing the next phase of this project Bridges of the Danube: A Living Map Community Project and am looking to collaborate with people interested in setting up water testing and art workshops at multiple bridges along the Danube.

During the 2015-16 school year I was a Norway Roving Scholar working with teachers and students at Teacher Training Colleges and high schools across Norway. Here’s a group poem I created with students called You Bring Out the Norwegian in Me:

Currently, I’m piloting a program with a great group of collaborators on the legacy of Japanese incarceration during WWII with a grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. In this project, Nosotros Academy high school students will learn about Japanese incarceration and interview survivors of the Internment Camps. If you or someone you know was incarcerated during WWII please send me an email to set up an interview.

I love creating educational programs/art projects, children’s books, and photography/video. Please send me an email if you want to discuss working on a project together at torran (dot) ian (dot) Anderson (at) gmail (dot) com and connect with me on social media.