“…Piñata Moon deftly explores the complex issues of teen suicide and the effects it can have on the people it leaves behind. Seen through the lens of a Tucson teenager, Anderson’s narrative considers the value of life and its potential, as well as the questions left unanswered after the sudden, jarring absence of a loved one. Partly an ode to the desert landscape, the striking imagery and poetic language serves as a warm background for a cold subject, creating a juxtaposition that fuels the piecemeal story toward a daring conclusion that pushes the reader into existential reflection. Edgy, inventive, and sincere, Anderson gives the reader a new look at an old medium, creating a unique experience that keeps hold of the reader long after the last page has been turned.”

— Joe Buckler, Pine Reads Review  

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I’m looking to collaborate with publishers to create engaging books for readers in kindergarten through high school. I also love creating educational programs/art projects and giving workshops.

Please let me know if you want to work on a project together.


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