Mannequin Attitude

Mannequin Attitude


Hey, window shopper

Dressing your pouty children?

Please, step right inside


Possible Mannequin Franchise reboot. A lonely widower (Steve Buscemi) takes home a pouty mannequin, only to find his mannequin has come alive. His dull life is turned upside down by the grumpy mannequin child who only enjoys fashion.


Coffee Mission at the Import Store

Coffee Mission at the Import Store


searching for decaf

I type the word in his phone

–translates to Chinese


Asking for decaf with a language barrier creates a certain degree of suspicion. Coffee without caffeine? Is this another symptom of American craziness? (perhaps…I just need to fall asleep tonight)

I have been able to find “evening” coffee. Which is a new term I’m going to bring to my next Starbucks trip.

“Regular or decaf?”